Where did it all start ?

As a top wholesale butcher and retailer we are passionate about knowing exactly where the produce we are selling comes from.  The shop in Boxted displays meat from Colchester Livestock Market and our own herd, local pork & poultry, a wide range of homemade Sausages & Burgers, as well as a wide range and stock of locally sourced fresh vegetables.

At the age of 20, Overalls off, Smock on, John borrowed £100 from his mother and began his career in the meat trade.  "JC" as he became known, bought chickens locally before killing them, plucking them and then sending them to market in London.  He has fond memories the “good people” who helped him at Smithfield’s Market.  They knew he was “Toby Coleman’s boy” and paid him promptly so he could buy more chickens to keep his fledgling business afloat.  He was a young man and dealing with men in their 60’s and 70’s.  He worked hard all day, every day, and three times a week worked all night at the London market. It was tough but he was now doing a job he had aspired to do.

Building up his business with a livestock holding saw John Coleman’s business expand dramatically. He went round the country buying cattle, being well liked and respected for his culture of “my word is my bond” and now runs a herd of about 400 cattle.. 

His expertise led to him becoming one of the countries most respected livestock judges, still judging at Colchester’s Christmas Livestock Show, for now well over 25 years.  He buys the Colchester Champion most years.   It is not a money maker but a very symbolic message.  “It says we are always trying to buy the best”.

John Coleman Butchers are very proud to be included as part of those committed businesses that supports the food chain that serves local produce to support local people and businesses. 

As well as running a shop, John Coleman supplies a long list of wholesale customers, including local butchers, hotels, golf clubs, schools.  John saw his 70th Birthday in 2015, he has no plans to ease up on his hectic workload.  

Between the age of 20 and 40, he only had 3 holidays.

“You only get out of life, what you put into it” . 

Look at John Coleman's business, and you will see he has a point.